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Virus-pinkCoronavirus (COVID-19) surveys

In these unprecedented times, it is crucial that the council and partners keep connected with how the residents of Southampton are feeling about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is important that agencies across the city have a good understanding of how residents are interpreting national guidance, how the pandemic is impacting residents’ lives, and concerns that residents may have during this time. This feedback is important to build a good local response and aid recovery efforts across the city.

A number of surveys have been conducted, the results are available below.

Coronavirus survey results

Below are the results for Coronavirus (COVID-19) related surveys carried out by Southampton City Council and partners.

COVID-19 - second resident's survey full results - May 2020

This is the second survey on COVID-19 which asked a number of similar questions to the first survey, to allow comparisons to be made, between the two surveys. It also included a number of additional questions, particularly around understanding and following official guidance, awareness of changes to specific council services and what services respondents would prioritise.

COVID-19 - second resident's survey full results - May 2020
Slide set
pdf | 1MB | 12.05.20

COVID-19 - first resident's survey full results - April 2020

The overarching aim of this survey was to gather intelligence on the opinions and behaviours of Southampton residents in relation to covid-19 and to use this intelligence to inform the local response. Informing communications that seek to protect and support residents, and especially those that are vulnerable. Informing the response of service areas, through the provision of intelligence to inform decision-making and informing the development of tailored resources that seek to support and protect the health and wellbeing of residents during the course of the pandemic. This is the first of a number of surveys designed to track opinions and behaviours over the course of the pandemic.

First resident's coronavirus survey full results
Slide set
pdf | 1MB | 29.04.20

Last updated: 08 July 2020