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People's PanelSouthampton People's Panel

The People's Panel is a group of residents who take part in surveys and other opportunities to express their views on council services, health services and living in the city. It is a good opportunity to influence how services are delivered, highlight issues, and help shape public services in your community.

Run by Southampton City Council and with support from the University of Southampton, the People's Panel has been active since 2015 and the results from our surveys have been used to inform a number of decisions and service changes.

Members of the People's Panel are sent either a poll or survey around once every two to four weeks. The polls are typically quick to complete and are around one to three questions long. The surveys are generally a little longer to help us get more detail on a topic, but these won't be send as frequently. It is completely up to individuals how many of these polls and surveys they complete.

From time to time, there are also opportunities to be involved in other activities like focus groups so that the council can get more detailed thoughts on a certain topic. In the past, People's Panel members have tested new developments, such as new features on the council website.

The team are always looking for Southampton residents aged 18 years and over to join. No special experience or expertise is needed. The council want a diverse panel which reflects the people of Southampton, the only requirement is your interest in contributing your views. If you are interested in becoming a member please visit our sign up page: People's Panel sign up.

People's Panel results

Below you will find a selection of results from the People's Panel surveys and polls.

COVID-19 - second resident's survey full results - May 2020

This is the second survey on COVID-19 and asked a number of similar questions to the first survey, to allow comparisons to be made, between the two surveys. It also included a number of additional questions, particularly around understanding and following official guidance, awareness of changes to specific council services and what services respondents would prioritise.

COVID-19 - second resident's survey full results - May 2020
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pdf | 1MB | 12.05.20

COVID-19 - first resident's survey full results - April 2020

The overarching aim of this survey was to gather intelligence on the opinions and behaviours of Southampton residents in relation to covid-19 and to use this intelligence to inform the local response. Informing communications that seek to protect and support residents, and especially those that are vulnerable. Informing the response of service areas, through the provision of intelligence to inform decision-making and informing the development of tailored resources that seek to support and protect the health and wellbeing of residents during the course of the pandemic. This is the first of a number of surveys designed to track opinions and behaviours over the course of the pandemic.

COVID-19 - first resident's survey full results - April 2020
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pdf | 1MB | 29.04.20

Last updated: 14 July 2020