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Child friendly Southampton

In 2022, Southampton City Council started working with UNICEF UK to become a Child Friendly City. The programme aims to create cities and communities in the UK where all children – whether they are living in care, using a children’s centre, or simply visiting their local library – have a meaningful say in, and truly benefit from, the local decisions, services and spaces that shape their lives.

The first stage of the programme is called ‘Discovery’ where the aim is to talk to children and young people about what it is like for them in Southampton. We had over 1,300 responses from children and young people. Once responses are gathered, we vote on our priorities or ‘badges’. There are three mandatory badges (yellow) and 10 that we can vote from (blue). We are allowed to choose three blue badges for the city’s priorities and along with the yellow ones we will have six priorities in total.

You can read the reports below for each badge.