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Noun home fire 323077 450crop at 125x125 pinkFire safety

Fire related fatalities have declined since 1981 across England. There were no fire related fatalities in Southampton during 2018/19. Fires can damage property, interrupt businesses and cause inconvenience, with The Association of British Insurers paying out 1bn in fire related crimes each year.

Accidental and deliberate fires 2018/19There were 682 fires in Southampton during 2018/19, which is an increase of 11% from 2017/18. Fires are classified as either accidental or deliberate, with the latter describing a fire which is started deliberately, but not necessarily with malicious intent. The number of deliberate fires has remained broadly the same, whereas accidental fires have increased by 48% between 2016/17 and 2018/19. Bargate ward had the highest percentage (12.5%) of accidental fires and Bitterne ward the highest percentage of deliberate fires in 2018/19.

The Hampshire Arson Task Force is a partnership initiative between Hampshire Constabulary and the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. The task force investigate suspicious fires and undertake reviews of linked occurrences to plan a strategic response. They also investigate non-suspicious fires to identify trends in causes, which feeds back into product recalls, trading standards, manufacturers and other stakeholders, with the aim of making the community safer.

The fire service is currently using Safe & Well visits as a fire prevention service. Visits are prioritised by age group from 65 years onwards. There were 907 Safe & Well visits in Southampton in 2018/19.

The full report, summary slide set and a data compendium are available below. For more information on crime in Southampton, see the Safe City Strategic Assessment page.


Southampton Safe City Strategic Assessment 2018/19 (full)

The Southampton Safe City Strategic Assessment provides an overview of current and future crime, disorder and community safety issues affecting Southampton and makes recommendations to enable the Partnership to focus the Safe City Strategy and local delivery plans. The 2018/19 Strategic Assessment will provide the evidence base to inform the new Safe City Strategy which will run from March 2020. The full report, summary slide set and the data compendiums that informed the assessment are available below to download. Individual chapters associated with this topic are also available to download below.

Southampton Safe City Strategic Assessment 2018/19
pdf | 19MB | 18.12.19
6.7 Fire safety
pdf | 1MB | 02.12.19
Safe City Strategic Assessment presentation 2018/19
Slide set
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Community Safety Crime - 2018/19
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Community Safety Offenders and Victims - 18/19
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Community Safety Perceptions of Crime - 2018/19
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